Jack Cleutjens

Dr. Ir. Jack Cleutjens

UHD-1, Experimental pathobiologist, Education coordinator Pathology, Internship coordinator HLO/MLO

Short description

Jack Cleutjens has worked for Maastricht University since 1985. His area of interest is education and cardiovascular research. He is a specialist in morphometry and (digital) microscopy. Jack Cleutjens is a member of the Dutch Society for Pathology, Experimental Pathology Section and the Dutch Society for Matrix Biology.

Focus areas

  • Cardiovascular research
  • Extracellular matrix turnover
  • Heart attack / atherosclerosis
  • (Digital) microscopy
  • Morphometry


E-mail: jack.cleutjens@mumc.nl  / jack.cleutjens@maastrichtuniversity.nl
Telephone: (+31) (0) 43 -387 66 31


Jack Cleutjens studied biology at the Agricultural University in Wageningen.

After completing military service, he graduated in 1985. From 1985-1989, he conducted PhD research under the supervision of Prof Dr F.t. Bosman which resulted in the thesis entitled: Basement membrane heterogeneity

After his PhD, he started a post-doc project sponsored by the Heart Foundation on the role of the extracellular matrix in post-myocardial infarction wound healing.  From 1992-1993, he spent a year researching the role of Matrix MetalloProteinases in post-myocardial infarction wound healing with Prof Dr Karl Weber at the Department of Cardiology, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, USA. This project was sponsored as a Talent stipend by NWO. From 1993, he has been a staff member at the Department of Pathology

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