Imke Demers

Drs. Imke Demers

Trainee Clinical Molecular Biologist in Pathology

Short description

Imke studied Biomedical Sciences at Maastricht University and she obtained her Master’s degree in 2017 with a specialization in oncology and developmental biology. In 2018, Imke started as a PhD candidate at the Departments of Pathology and Otorhinolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery at Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC+), supervised by Prof. dr. Speel and Prof. dr. Kremer. Her PhD project focused on clinical challenges in head and neck cancer, in particular the role of HPV in carcinogenesis and new treatment options in preclinical models. During her PhD, Imke worked for one month at the University Hospital Heidelberg (Germany) to get familiar with culturing primary tumor tissue. Her work has been honored with a stipendium from the René Vogels Foundation, and a short-list nomination for the Beter Horen Science Prize for the best scientific publication by young researchers in the field of otorhinolaryngology. In addition, Imke is involved in the preparation and execution of new research projects, including the detection of HPV in blood samples. She started her training to become a clinical molecular biologist in pathology (KMBP) in September 2023 at MUMC+ and Jeroen Bosch Hospital (‘s-Hertogenbosch) as a trainee of Prof. dr. Speel and dr. van den Brule.

Focus areas

  • (HPV-gerelateerde) hoofd-hals tumoren
  • Moleculaire (onco)pathologie


Telephone: +31 43 387 77 29

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