Histological diagnostics

Routine histology

With histological diagnostics, we examine your patient's tissue (biopsy, excision or surgical preparation).


  • We have in-house specialists for every area of expertise
  • our fully automated tissue processor enables rapid diagnostics (within hours)
  • depending on the fixation time, lead time ranges from a few hours to 3 working days

Working method

In our laboratory, we process (fixed) tissue into very thin slices, stick them on slides and apply HE (haematoxylin-eosin) staining. Sometimes additional (immuno-)histochemical staining is also needed. After staining, the pathologist evaluates the slides under the light microscope and makes a diagnosis.

Especially for neuropathological or nephropathological questions, we offer electron microscopy. This is not covered by our ISO 15189-accredited quality management system.

Requesting research

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