Cytological diagnostics


With cytological diagnostics, we examine your patient's cellular material obtained from organ punctures (such as: thyroid), punctures of fluid collections (such as: pleural fluid), flushes (such as: lungs) and smears (such as: cervix).


  • quick method
  • versatile

Because we assess only single cells, cytological examination is ideally suited as a screening test. Would you like a tissue interpretation? Then our histology laboratory can perform an additional histological examination for you.

Working method

We receive most of the material fixed at our laboratory. We concentrate the material with a centrifuge and apply a drop of the obtained sediment to a slide or make a smear. We can then stain the material on the slides with a PAP stain (Papanicolaou) or an MGG stain (May-Gr├╝nwald-Giemsa). This is followed by diagnosis based on the microscopic image and we determine whether follow-up examination is needed. After this, you will receive the authorised result.

Requesting research

Would you like to request an investigation? Then go to the Dutch version of this website.

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