Student Internship/Work Placement

 Here you will find an overview of the internships that are offered by the department of pathology.


Students of the Faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences, as well as students enrolled in other university programs in the Netherlands or foreign students, have the opportunity to carry out their internship at the department of pathology.  Students are assigned to a project that is already up and running and may complete their internship in 3 months to 1 year.  During their internship, students learn various modern research techniques that are used within the department.  Once the practical part of their work is complete, students are required to write a thesis about their research.  

Short Clinical Internship

Graduates of the Faculty of Medicine may enroll in a two-week internship at the department to become familiar with the specialty of pathology.  The internship is evaluated by the department of pathology itself and the results are presented on a yearly basis by the education coordinator of the department. 

Internship programs for students of laboratory technician schools 

Students of laboratory technician schools have the opportunity to complete their practical training within the diagnostics and research units of the department of pathology.  Students are assigned to a particular unit within the department depending on their area of specialty.  With respect to diagnostics, students receive training and experience in cytology and histology, and within the research unit, students receive training in various laboratory techniques.  Students complete their assignments under the supervision of the laboratory technical school, the project supervisor and research supervisor of the department of pathology. 

Elective programs

Students have the opportunity to design their own program, however the subject and duration of the program must first be approved by the department.


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