DERMATO PATHOLOGY UPDATE 2019 14/15 NOVEMBER 2019Roman Bridge and High Bridge - Maastricht 14/15 november 2019

Dermatopathology Update 2019

Registration is open now! 



SAVE THE DATE: BOP Pathofysiologie 2020Skyline Maastricht Save the date: 14/15 mei 2020

Save the date: BOP Pathofysiologie (AIOS course)

Registration will be opening soon!  



Intensive Forensic Neuro-pathology Training Maastricht MUMC+ 25-27 september 2019 - Registration is closed.

Intensive Forensic Neuro-pathology Training Maastricht  -  IFNPT

New options: soon to be announced!

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Location of all events is Maastricht (film)