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Han Jin

PhD student Experimental Vascular Pathology group, CSC fellow


Han started work on Computer Science in 2005 and Machine Learning in 2011. His research focuses on the application of machine learning techniques , i.e. Machine Learning, Data Mining and Feature Selection, in the field of bioinformatics. His main interest is the application of Machine Learning, especially feature selection on biological dataset. In the past, his work focused on feature selection on microarray data and the evaluation of model performance in Machine Learning. Now he is doing his research on multi-label classification and weighted gene co-expression network analysis.


Curriculum vitae

Han received his master’s degree in Computer Software and Theory from Nankai University, China, in 2014. During his master’s studies, he published several research papers in journal and international conference. He worked as an Internship at the Computational Biology of Infection Research group at Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research(Braunschweig, Germany) from 2014 to 2015. He is now a PhD student at the Department  of Pathology at Maastricht University.

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