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Veerle Melotte

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Dr. Veerle Melotte

Associate Professor, Principal Investigator Experimental Cancer Pathology Group

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During her PhD period, which she finalized in 2010, Dr. Veerle Melotte identified NDRG4 methylation as a promising biomarker for the early detection for colorectal cancer. This biomarker is incorporated in the FDA-approved Cologuard® test (Exact Science, Madison, USA) which is currently in use in the USA. After her PhD, she became an assistant professor at Maastricht University Medical Center (The Netherlands), and obtained several personal grants (KWF personal grant - VENI) to start her own research line. Currently her group focuses on the role of the enteric nervous system in colorectal carcinogenesis.

In addition to her position in Maastricht, she holds a part-time position at the Erasmus Mc Rotterdam (The Netherlands) since 2016.


Enteric nervous system


Colorectal cancer


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