Stan Muitjens

Stan Muitjens

PhD student, Experimental Vascular Pathology Group


My work focuses on end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients with an arteriovenous fistula (AVF) that require hemodialysis in order to stay alive. However, within one year, 50% of the patients with a newly created AVF experience complications during maturation (e.g., stenosis and aneurysm). My goal is to design a cell-specific gene therapy that improves the maturation of AVFs and thereby reduces the burden on patients.



For my bachelors I studies the program of Applied Sciences with the specialization in Biomedical Sciences at Zuyd Hogeschool. For my master, I studies Biomedical Sciences with the specialization in Inflammation and Pathophysiology at Maastricht University. I obtained my master’s degree in 2022. On the first of June 2023, I started my PhD in the Experimental Vascular Pathology group, under supervision of Andrew Baker, Judith Sluimer, and Maarten Snoeijs.

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