Lieve Temmerman

Dr. Lieve Temmerman

Post-doc Experimental Vascular Pathology group


Lieve Temmerman is working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Experimental Vascular Pathology since 2011. She investigates the role of immune cells in the development of atherosclerosis. Furthermore she uses relevant immune cell characteristics to develop a high-throughput screening platform for cardiovascular diseases. This platform will be deployed for risk assessment, screening of new drug candidates, as well as fundamental research into mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases.



Lieve (Gent, 1983) studied Biomedical Sciences at Leuven University. She obtained her PhD at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory Mouse Biology Unit in Rome (supervised by Prof. Dr. Nadia Rosenthal) in 2010 with her thesis entitled “Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 in the central nervous system”.

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